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Obituary for Matthew Edward Overton

Matthew Edward Overton was born in Los Angeles June 10, 1936. During the war, his parents owned and operated a cattle ranch near Tehachapi, CA, where he learned how to hunt and operate a tractor, among other things. After the war, his family moved back to Los Angeles until the family relocated to La Paz, in Baja, Mexico, in 1954. Matthew would attend Black-Foxe Military Institute in Los Angeles, which included many notable alumni. During the Christmas and summer breaks, he would drive the thousand miles from Los Angeles to La Paz, mostly on dirt roads, to visit his parents and sister. Because of the time he spent in La Paz, he became fluent in Spanish, a skill which would serve him well during his many adventures driving the dirt roads of Baja. He also became an avid sailor and skin diver.

After graduating from Black-Foxe, he attended the University of Arizona where he completed his Associates Degree in English. He was drafted into the Army and was honorably discharged after two years at the end of 1962. During his time in the Army, he became a clerk typist and was a member of the “chairborn division” as he liked to call it. His last year in the Army was spent in St. Louis where he would process all of the St. Louis Cardinal baseball players when they had to complete their two weeks of reserve duty. He never missed an opportunity to tell anyone who would listen just how close America came to WWIII during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

After his service in the Army, he returned to Los Angeles where he met his future wife from Denmark, Else. During the 57 years they were married, they had a son and a daughter. Matthew spent most of his professional career as an automobile and property claims specialist with various insurance companies in the Los Angeles area. He loved nothing more than to go behind closed doors in a judge’s chamber and haggle over the value of a claim with a personal injury lawyer. He lived for those moments and got to know several of the judges very well. Even after he retired, he would be called in to help resolve highly complex insurance claims from time to time.

After retiring, he and his wife traveled extensively, and he dedicated his time to his family, especially his grandchildren who affectionately called him “Far-Far” which is Danish for “Father’s Father.” In 2009, Matthew and Else moved to Arnold, MD, where they became very involved in a community church, made many new friends, and did lots of local travel and road trips. One of his favorite activities was to spend time reading books out loud to his wife. He had a marvelous sense of humor and also had a passion for reloading and vintage firearms. Matthew had an amazing command of the English vocabulary and instilled in both of his children the importance of keeping up to date on events, keeping an open mind, and maintaining a high standard of ethics. He also had a passion for supporting young men who came from single parent families and loved serving as a surrogate father by getting them involved in various outdoor activities including camping trips to the Mojave Desert and Baja, Mexico.

Matthew Edward Overton was a devoted husband, stalwart father, gentle grandfather, charismatic storyteller, and loyal friend to many. He was a man of (mostly) good and oftentimes sardonic humor, and a never-ending supply of sharp witticisms. He was a charming, charismatic gentleman with a great many adventures and unique stories to his name. He was a man who lived for storytelling and harbored a great love of travel, crossword puzzles, and devotion to his family. He was, at times, a quiet, thoughtful, and tenderhearted soul who listened to those around him and offered his support.

Matthew is survived by his wife, two children and four grandchildren. Those who knew him will attest to the legacy he left behind.

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