Memorial and Life Celebrations

Memorial and Life Celebrations
What and Why
Unlike a traditional funeral service, no casket is present at a memorial service, though an urn with the loved one’s ashes may be on display. Because of this, the service may take place weeks or even months after the loved one’s death. Additionally, it may be held at a church, funeral home, or somewhere else meaningful to the deceased and their family. Memorial services and life celebrations tend to incorporate more of the loved one’s personality—through music, selected readings, and other personal touches—than a traditional funeral. While planning such a service can be a lot of work, it’s one of the most rewarding ways to pay your respects. Unlike a traditional funeral, which follows certain parameters, this type of service can be whatever you want it to be—so long as it focuses on positive memories and uplifting the spirits of all those in attendance.

As the only on-site crematory in the Annapolis area, we’re proud to offer three cremation options: traditional cremation, post-cremation memorial services, and direct cremation. Please contact us for more information about these options.
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